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If you have problem skin, you are not alone. Since skin is the most visible and exposed part of the body, it is not a surprise that millions of people worldwide suffer from a wide array of clinical dermatological conditions. Some of the most common problems include skin cancer, pre-cancer, acne, psoriasis, alopecia, eczema, irritant/contact/drug dermatitis and rosacea. In Arizona, it is especially important to have yearly skin checks to monitor for skin cancers including melanoma. Please call or book online for an appointment.


Dr. Smith is by far one of the best doctors ever. He and his staff get you in and out without the feeling of being rushed. All questions and concerns are answered. A great experience EVERY time. I recommend Dr. Smith to anyone with skin concerns.

Jamie G.

I also LOVE that they use technology like ZocDoc. It was so easy to book my initial appointment (I got in within 24 hours of booking) and when I returned from my appointment, I had an email invitation to their Patient Portal. I can access all records, test results, etc on- line, as well as book appointments and request refills. I appreciate this convenience VERY much!!!

Yvonne H.

Dr. Smith is exactly , in my opinion, the way a doctor should. be. He is friendly and still remains very professional. He addresses every question asked with very clear answers. He is the best!!!!!

Sylvia S.