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He was quick and efficient!!! Had lots of suggestions, did way more than I had
expected. Usually you see any dr. And you get to address only two concerns, not
with dr Smith. He kept making sure I didn’t have anything else, and asked in a very
nice way. I have already shared his information today.
– Donna B.

Dr. Smith had a very pleasant assistant who asked me about the purpose of my visit.
The Doctor was very prompt, fast, and answered all my questions. I basically had the
same symptoms I had in CA a few years ago where Kaiser HMO did absolutely
NOTHING to treat my pre-cancerous “sun spots.” Dr. Smith treated me “on the spot,”
and it didn’t hurt “very much. The receptionist at the Doctor’s office was very
pleasant and efficient. I might add that I probably “saved time” by making my
appointment on-line through zoo.doc in which I chose the appt. times. Everything at
his office appeared to be efficient, knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough.
– Satya G.

Filled out forms online, front of the house was ready for me with papers when I
arrived, very friendly, Very clean, a lot of magazines. Great parking. Once taken into
the room, it was maybe a 5-10 minute wait. Dr. Smith was VERY THOROUGH and
answered all of my questions. No rushing. I felt genuinely cared for. Nurses were
also very nice.
– Gabrielle M.

I was very nervous but Dr. Smith put me at ease immediately. He was very informative and very helpful in
allowing me to make the right decision. His staff is also very efficient and friendly. Would recommend him
in a minute.-
Patricia B,

Dr. Smith is by far one of the best doctors ever. He and his staff get you in and out without the feeling of
being rushed. All questions and concerns are answered. A great experience EVERY time. I recommend Dr.
Smith to anyone with skin concerns.
– Jamie G.

I appreciated the speed of care. I had to get in before I went to work, so I appreciated how direct, focused,
and personable they were at this office. I got in, got seen, and was taken care of quickly, all while feeling
listened to and respected. I’m looking forward to coming back for my return appointment.
– Allison B.

Even though the wait time to see the Dr was a little bit long, I was very happy with
Dr. Smith and the office. Everyone was very nice, very professional and Dr. Smith
took time to explain everything he was doing and the reason behind it. Even though
I know he was running behind, I didn’t feel like he rushed through my appointment.
I have already recommended him to my daughter and I will be returning to him as
well. My former dermatologist was simply just not very nice and the wait times
there were even longer, so Dr. Smith’s office is a big improvement! I also LOVE that
they use technology like ZocDoc. It was so easy to book my initial appointment (I got
in within 24 hours of booking) and when I returned from my appointment, I had an
email invitation to their Patient Portal. I can access all records, test results, etc on-
line, as well as book appointments and request refills. I appreciate this convenience
VERY much!!!
– Yvonne H.

Dr. Smith is exactly , in my opinion, the way a doctor should. be. He is friendly and
still remains very professional. He addresses every question asked with very clear
answers. He is the best!!!!!
– Sylvia S.

Dr. Smith is extremely professional and knowledgeable. There was no hesitation
when he gave me a diagnosis and was extremely understanding and helpful. My
husband went to Dr. Smith four years ago felt extremely comfortable going to him to
address my issues.
– Susan S.

I continue to be impressed by Dr. Smith and his staff. They are helpful, efficient and genuinely caring. If
there are ever any problems, they are quick to offer solutions and to answer any questions.
– Patrick K.

Being in the healthcare profession Dr. Smith truly has wonderful bedside manner. He has shown true
concerns to my problems and was right on in helping me out and giving out advices on how I could manage
my problem. Very highly recommended
– Arvin Y.

Dr Sam Smith was very personable, right to the point, informative, and set an action
plan in place. The office help was pleasant and helpful. The wait was impressive. I
have sat forever and a day in Dr’s offices before. Not here, got right in! I believe Dr
Sam Smith will go far in his career with characteristics like these with his patients.
Also, in making my appointment I was able to get right in. Some dermatologists have
a very long waiting list just to schedule. Thank you Dr Sam Smith for a breath of
fresh air in the medical field!
– Dixie W.