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Warts are generally small, rigid growths caused by a specific strain of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are for the most part harmless, non-cancerous contagious growths that are common within the general population (particularly in young children). Typically, warts occur as flat or rough growths on fingers or toes through an area of broken skin; yet warts can occur anywhere on the body.


Given the numerous types of warts, we will consider the type of wart, your age, and overall health to determine which treatment will be the most effective. Common outpatient treatments that we may utilize are: excision (cut out the warts), cryotherapy (freezing), cantharidin, and electrosurgery & curettage (destroys warts with an electric current). For hard-to-treat warts, we may use one of the following treatments: immunotherapy [using diphencyprone (DCP) or β- interferon], an anti-cancer medication called bleomycin, chemical peels, and laser treatments.