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A shave biopsy is a simple in-office procedure that can provide useful information about undiagnosed lesions on the skin. A shave biopsy is a type of incisional biopsy where only a portion of the lesion is used for testing.


Once a local anesthetic has been injected, a tangential shave of skin is taken using a scalpel, a special shave-biopsy instrument, or razor blade where it is moved back and forth across the lesion until it is removed. The wound may be treated with pressure, coagulation, 10-20% aluminum chloride, or Monsel’s solution to stop any bleeding from occurring. Next, an antibiotic ointment and a bandage applied where no stitches are required. Typically, the wound forms a scab that should heal within 1–3 weeks.

After Care

We will guide you on how to wash, dry, place ointment, and dress the wound. It is also very important not to pick at or scratch the wound.