Skin Tag Removal 2017-11-05T20:31:59+00:00


Skin tags are bunches of collagen or blood vessels that become trapped inside thicker areas of the skin. They are extremely common (appearing more in the elderly and obese), with an estimate that approximately 50% of all adults will develop at least one in their lifetime. This build-up of collagen occurs as a result of skin rubbing and causes a growth that is usually of the same pigmentation as your skin. It is worth mentioning that skin tags are benign tumors, and as such are not cancerous or harmful to your health.


There is little if any preparation needed for the removal of a skin tag. The procedure can be done in office with little to no pain.


The preferred method for removing a skin tag is through the use of liquid nitrogen, which freezes off the skin tag. Depending on the size of the skin tag, tweezers coated in liquid nitrogen are applied to the skin tag with mild pressure. The cells within the skin tag will begin to die and will fall off almost immediately.