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Xeomin®, pharmacologically known as incobotulinumtoxinA, is a protein that is produced by the bacterium C. botulinum. Xeomin® can be injected directly into the muscle and may be used for either clinical or cosmetic procedures. Xeomin® may be used to treat a number of cases; for example, facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, and lines that may appear on the forehead above the eyebrows. Xeomin® works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles it has been injected into, reducing the presence of wrinkles. Due to the fact that the paralysis is temporary, re-injection is generally necessary within 3-6 months to maintain its benefit. Injections are exceptionally successful at decreasing prominent transient skin lines where improvements can be seen in as little as a week. It is worth mentioning that Xeomin® injections do not interfere with normal facial expressions.


On the day of your treatment, do your best to avoid alcoholic beverages as well as over-the-counter (OTC) pain-relief medications. Try to schedule a Xeomin® appointment at least two weeks prior to any special events to allow time to heal.


Xeomin® treatments are delivered by a non-surgical injection and does not require a hospital setting. It is essentially painless, and there is practically no recovery time.